stone vs tile backsplash.

We look at using granite or quartz for your backsplash vs tile in your kitchen.  Let’s find out what is right for your kitchen here in Rochester!

stone and tile backsplash

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What backsplash is best for your kitchen?

We wanted to share a couple of very cool backsplash options for your kitchen!

The two primary options are stone (that typically matches the countertops) or tile.

We’ve been seeing more and more people consider running the same countertops they’re using up the wall as a backsplash.

It has been working really well when it’s in a boxed-in stove area.

The pictures below are from a customer’s home who used a natural quartzite stone called Zermatt, which turned out AMAZING!

On the flip side, tile can offer something totally different. There are so many unique patterns, textures, and colors that can really add a bold statement or provide subtle warmth to a space.

The biggest trend with backsplashes we love seeing lately is texture.

There are so many tiles that add nice texture to a space that might have a lot of hard lines and bring a more cozy vibe.

😎 Check out some photos below for recent projects and hopefully you’ll get a little inspiration for your next home transformation!

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